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who we are

In 2008 Genesis Pharmaceuticals was founded by a group of physicians, pharmacists and entrepreneurs to be more than a business firm that aims at profit. Genesis was founded to be an influential organization in the Egyptian market and industry. It is a company with a unique orientation, a philosophy and a clear future vision.

corporate philosophy

Genesis recognizes itself as a business organization with a mission, not merely an entity that exists to generate profit. This mission describes the road map towards reaching long-term objectives and establishing the organization’s future vision. Moreover, it highlights the basis and values that control business conduct on all levels. Moreover, a clear future vision accessible to all company employees is an important element in portraying the desired shape of the organization in the future and therefore inspires, motivates, and improves performance. This is why we keep our mission and vision in mind and heart all the time.
mission & vision
(From day one & forever) Genesis is known among healthcare professionals as a unique pharmaceutical company providing reliable products and among patients as a company offering high quality medications. Genesis is recognized by everyone as a company that fulfills its responsibilities towards the society and plays an active role in many sectors. (2016) Genesis is highly ranked among local companies, grasping a significant share of the local market and demonstrating excellence in export. Genesis is an attractive employer in the pharmaceutical labor market. (2012) Genesis owns a modern manufacturing plant that is using the most recent technologies, applying the highest quality standards and is certified by international quality certifiers enabling penetration of numerous international markets. Genesis works efficiently in many countries and is clearly distinguished, keeping that same image that has been imprinted in customers’ minds along the years.
Genesis provides high quality generics of recently discovered molecules at affordable prices, offering human medications that meet international quality standards. In this endeavor, Genesis is committed to alliances with highly ranked technology providers, suppliers, and manufacturers. We view patients’ wellbeing as the core of our business and our ultimate goal, placing ethics, values, and responsibility towards related groups at the top, on our list of priorities. Charged with ambition, enthusiasm, confidence, and commitment, believing in our ability to achieve and accomplish, Genesis shall march towards its aspirations and reach them.



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success partners

Genesis has developed a broad network of business partners to support its endeavor to achieve its desired position in pharmaceutical market.
This network does not only include suppliers and manufacturers but importantly also include firms providing technical support in various fields such as
- Technology Transfer. - Product Formulation.
- Methods of Manufacture. - Methods of Analysis.
- Quality Assurance. - Material Analysis and Qualification.
And other business fields.

international partners

Technical support and technology transfer.
Emerson Resources Inc., USA.
A leading firm in providing technical support to pharmaceutical companies through numerous services such as Formulation Development, Analytical Method Development, Analysis and Testing, Staff Training, Raw Material Evaluation and Qualification, and other development and technology transfer activities.

local partners

Research and Development Genesis believes that research and development are the tools for improvement and the base for growth. That is why we cooperate with a number of local specialists to support us in these fields, both professionals and academics, through allied companies, universities, or research centers. The work of these research partners, and mutual cooperation, starts at the moment we think of having new products and not only is integrated into all the following processes, until market launch, but extends thereafter for measuring quality and testing efficiency in what is known as Postmarketing Studies.

suppliers and contract manufacturers

From new port Oregon in the United States—west—to Shanghai, China—east—and from St. Petersburg in Russia—north—to Cape Town in South Africa—south—across the dour corners of the globe, Genesis is seeking cooperation with suppliers and contract manufacturers that are capable of providing high quality products in line with Genesis’ undertaken mission.


Integrating the available and brought-up knowledge with the long experience of reliable local manufacturers yields the most wanted fruits in producing high quality products with assured efficacy. Genesis is committed to work hand in hand with its contracted manufacturers in all processes formulation, production, and quality assurance to guarantee fulfillment of the required standards without any compromises.

head office

4 Saudi Buildings Nozha St. - Heliopolis - Cairo – Egypt
Postal Code: 11371
P.O. Box: 400 Heliopolis
Phone: +202 24186591
Fax: +202 24186591
Mobile: +20 (10) 000 88 679