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February 27th 2009

Field Force Upsizing

Build your career in a positive work environment.
Coping with the forthcoming launches in the fields of CNS, CVS and General care, Genesis is increasing it's manpower all across Egypt
We offer professional development programs, unlimited future opportunities, and competitive packages.
If you are a Physician, Pharmacist or Vet. you are invited to join Genesis as a;
Product Specialist (Full / Part Time)
or a
Supervisor / District Manager

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February 17th 2009
Cairo University Conference

Genesis has joined the "Cairo University" Psychiatry Department's annual conference that has taken place in Pyramisa Hotel - Cairo. This participation comes inline with Genesis' commitment to participate in all medical and socio-medical events in the related therapeutic fields.
The conference has been organized by Prof.Dr. Emad Hamdy & Prof.Dr. Samir Abul Magd.

September 10th 2008
Launching Escita

The long awaited Escita (escitalopram 10 mg) is now available to Egyptian patients. The quality standards at Genesis grant this product a significant share in a big market of 150Million EGP per annum (antidepressants and mood stabilizers), targeting to lead the SSRIs (Selective Seretonin Reuptake Inhibitors) in treatment days within a short period.

July 15th 2008
Company Branding Campaign

After recruitment and training of field force, a company branding campaign has started on July 15th. The campaign -conducted in 2 phases- has included a teaser "Flower Bouquet" followed by a discussion on Egypt's socio economic and health statistics. This data has defined Genesis' reason for existence in addition to reflecting on Genesis'noble mission.

June 18th 2008
Pan-Arab Psychiatry Conference

Genesis has participated in the Pan Arab Psychiatric Society conference as a step towards introducing the company to eminent doctors in the field of neuropsychiatry. Genesis has a big and strong pipeline of CNS products that includes anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, anti-epileptics and other neuropsychiatry products. The conference was honored by the supervision of Prof.Dr. Ahmed Okasha

Genesis Pharmaceuticals

The Foundation

In 2004, Genesis Pharmaceuticals was founded by a group of physicians, pharmacists and entrepreneurs to be more than a business firm that aims at profit. Genesis was founded to be an influential organization in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market and industry. It is a company with a unique orientation, a philosophy and a clear future vision.

Corporate Philosophy

Genesis recognizes itself as a business organization with a mission, not merely an entity that exists to generate profit. This mission describes the road map towards reaching long-term objectives and establishing the organization's future vision. Moreover, it highlights the basis and values that control business conduct on all levels.

Moreover, a clear future vision accessible to all company employees is an important element in portraying the desired shape of the organization in the future and therefore inspires, motivates and improves performance.
This is why we keep our mission and vision in mind and heart at all times.


Our Mission

Genesis provides high quality generics of recently discovered molecules at affordable prices, offering human medications that meet international quality standards. In this endeavor, Genesis is committed to alliances with highly ranked technology providers, suppliers and manufacturers.

We view patients' wellbeing as the core of our business and our ultimate goal, placing ethics, values and responsibility towards related groups at the top, on our list of priorities.

Charged with ambition, enthusiasm, confidence and commitment, believing in our ability to achieve and accomplish, Genesis shall march towards its aspirations and reach them.

Our Vision

(From day 1 & forever) Genesis is known among healthcare professionals as a unique pharmaceutical company providing reliable products, and among patients as a company offering high quality medications. Genesis is recognized by everyone as a company that fulfills its responsibilities towards the society and plays an active role in many sectors.

(2011) Genesis is highly ranked among local companies, is grasping a significant share of the local market, demonstrating excellence in export, and is an attractive employer in the pharmaceutical labor market.

(2014) Genesis owns a modern manufacturing plant that is using the most recent technologies, applying the highest quality standards and is certified by international quality certifiers enabling penetration of numerous international markets. Genesis works efficiently in many countries and is clearly distinguished; keeping that same image that has been imprinted in customers' minds along the years.

Success Partners

Genesis has developed a broad network of business partners to support its endeavor to achieve its desired position in pharmaceutical market. This network does not only include suppliers and manufacturers, but importantly also includes firms providing technical support in various fields such as:

              and other business fields.

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